Wedding Proposal
A vineyard in Tuscany | June 2017

“A romantic picnic in Tuscany’s countryside for a wedding proposal. Facing a beautiful vineyard surrounded by candles, watching the sun leave to make place for the moon, a beautiful couple experience their unforgettable moment. And she said Yes! of course.”

Location scouting, Event Design & Management

Andrea Bocelli for CFN
Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany | September 2015

From the left: Veronica and Andrea Bocelli; Julius Nasso, Producer; Tony Schiena, Actor. Natassja Kinski, Actress.

“A private white dinner at Andrea Bocelli’s house in Forte dei Marmi, organized by CFN and sponsored by Cartier.”

Celebrities and Artists recruitment


Bocelli at Dolby Theater
Los Angeles, California | September 2015

Starting from the left: Andrea Bocelli, Opera Tenor; Andy Garcia: Actor.
Andrea Bocelli, Opera Tenor; John Travolta, Actor; Andy Garcia: Actor; David Foster, Producer.

“Andrea Bocelli, performed for one night only live at the Dolby Theatre to present his latest album, Cinema, per- forming with international artists.”

Celebrities and Artists recruitment


Nordiska Road Show
Rome, Venice | June-July 2017

On the left top: Alexander Bolognesi, Founder Nordiska; Marta Trevisan, PR Nordiska; Paolo Morra, General Manager Centurion Palace Hotel Venezia.

“Nordiska brought its Scandinavian Journey to the most exclusive Luxury Hotels around Italy. High quality Nordic food for the prestigious international clients of Starred Chefs.”

Event design


Temple University Rome 50 years Celebration
Rome, Milan | May 2017

“An unforgettable two-day escape in Milan, for Opera Lovers. Our prestigious guests joined an exceptional Première at Teatro alla Scala with a back stage visit with the Don Giovanni. An everlasting experience.”

Event design & Management


Banca Euromobiliare
Rome | May 2017

“An exclusive event for the prestigious Clients of Italian Private Banking. We open the doors of two undiscovered gems in the heart of Ancient Rome. By visiting these inaccessible monuments, these clients adopted their restoration, giving future generations a chance to see unique places as part of cultural world heritage.”

Location scouting, Event design & Management.


Workshop R1
Transilvania · Romania | March 2016

“An exciting adventure to discover the legend of Count Dracula in the lush and verdant mountains of Transylvania is the best way to share future goals between Company and Partners.”

Event Logistic, Design and Management.


Workshop INTER F. C.
Porto Cervo · Sardinia | June 2015

“What better place than the beautiful island of Sardinia to cast an eye back on the season just gone and look ahead to coming challenges with the 2015 Sponsor Workshop between F.C. Internazionale and its partners.”

Event Logistic, Design and Management.


Evento Apac Zurich
Rome | January 2015


“An exclusive event hosted in a con- temporary art lounge overlooking the Coloseum designed for the Zurich’s APAC Top Management.”

Event Design and Management

Just Diamond
Rome | September 2013

From the left: Nicoletta Romanoff, Actress; Renato Balestra, Fashion Designer; Eleonora Mantini, Jewelry Designer.
Infiniti8, Marketing Manager and Producer; Valentina Visconti, OutstandingItalia CEO; Infiniti8, Marketing Manager and Producer.

“An unmissable event the one organized in the magnificent Palazzo Balestra where Eleonora Mantini, jewelry designers, presented a pre- view of the new haute jewelry collection.”

Event Design and Management sponsor recruitment.

Nordiska and Kineo Prize
Venice Film Festival | September 2017

On the left: Valentina Visconti, Outstanding Italia CEO; Marta Trevisan, PR Nordiska.
On the right top: Marta Trevisan and Valeria Marini, Show Girl.
At the bottom: Marta Trevisan and Violante Placido, Actress.

“The prestigious Kineo Prize chose Nordiska as partners for the reception at the Hungarian Palace during Venice Film Festival. Many celebrities tasted the delicious Nordiska products.”

Sponsor recruitment for the prize reception


Pasolini at MoMA
New York | December 2012

At the top: Uni Kregan, Sotheby’s Vice President; Beppe Fiorello, Actor; Valentina Visconti, Outstanding Italia CEO; Pierfrancesco Favino, Actor.
At the bottom starting from the left: Klaus Biesenbach, Director of MoMA; Michele Riondino, Actor.

“More than two decades after its 1990 restrospective of Pier Paolo Pasolini, MoMA once again joins with Luce Cinecittà and Fondo Pier Paolo Pasolini/Cineteca di Bologna to present a full retrospective of Pasolini’s cinematic output.”

Italian sponsor recruitment for the Press conference and the Gala Dinner.


Dante Ferretti at MoMA
New York | September 2013

At the top: Dante Ferretti, Production Designer
At the bottom starting from the left: Moma Curator; Dante Ferretti, Production Designer; Jytte Jensen, MoMA Curator

“A selection of 22 films whose overall look and feel are defined by Ferretti’s production design had been screened in Titus Theater 1.”

Italian sponsor recruitment.