Art & Culture

Restoration Class
  • We propose you practical courses in real restoration projects, operated by expert restorers, where you will have the opportunity to work on valuable works notified by the Superintendent.
  • Experience a course of restoration of paintings, statues and paper at the first Private University in the world of Restoration.

WHERE Florence
LENGHT Five days
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Glass workshop
  • Exclusively for Outstanding Italia a Master of Art will open the doors of her studio offering the unconventional experience of making
artistic glass.
  • Following the ancient tradition of Italian art history, and with the assistance of the glassmaker you’ll create a unique and customized art piece.

LENGHT  One full day
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A dinner in a Art gallery with a contemporary artist
  • We organize for you a special dinner in an Art Gallery with a contemporary Artist, who will introduce you to his workpiece.
  • An once- in- a lifetime experience that will ensure you the chance to select your personal art piece directly by the artist.

WHERE  Italy, Europe
LENGHT  Dinner time
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Byzantine Ravenna
  • Ravenna, the city of mosaics, conserves priceless treasures in the heart of its historical center.
  • This wonderful destination, off the usual tourist routes, is rich of spectacular mosaics of Byzantine inspiration and architectural splendors declared UNESCO World Heritage, Sant’Apollinare in classe, Sant’Apollinare Nuovo, the Galla Placidia Mausoleum, example of spectacular mosaics of Byzantine inspiration.

Our proposal includes services at five stars cared in each detail

WHERE Ravenna, Italy
LENGHT On request
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Baroque Sicily
  • An exclusive Route focuses on Art that leads you through the colors and architecture of the Baroques towns in Sicily.
  • The heritage of many dominions, which took over one after another in the island, can be seen through the richness of art and the flavors and aromas that characterize the cuisine.

Our proposal includes services at five stars cared in each detail

WHERE Sicily, Italy
LENGHT On request
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Arabic Art in Andalucía
  • The history of southern Spain is unique, the Andalucía region was the heart of the “golden times” of the Arab cultural explosion for over 700 years.
  • We’ll let let you discover the heart of the Spanish and Moorish culture visiting, Cordoba, Granada and Sevilla, the three most famous cities of the region, rich in history, architecture, wonderful food and the passion of flamenco.

Our proposal includes services at five stars cared in each detail

WHERE Andalucía, Spain
LENGHT On request
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  • We’ll provide you a unique private tour of the glories of Rome, suited to your interests – with no line-ups or time wasted with large tour groups.
    Our professional guides will show you intriguing places known only to locals. You will have the chance to enjoy Rome like a VIP with our once-in-a-lifetime private visit of the Sistine Chapel and tour of the Vatican Museum’s secret rooms.

LENGHT On request
Live the experience

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