Aeolian Islands
  • The 7 volcanic islands north of Sicily, known as the Aeolian Islands, are among the most astonish destination of the Mediterranean.
  • Listed as Unesco World Heritage, the Arcipelago offer breathtaking landscapes, divine food and wine and timeless atmospheres.
  • The absolute luxury of Outstanding Italia custom journey will let you relax on lava beaches, climb active volcanoes and snorkel or dive in archeological marine sites.

Our proposal includes services at five stars cared in each detail

WHERE  Aeolian Island
LENGHT  On request
WHEN  From March to September 2016
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Capri and Amalfi coast
  • The fragrance of flowers, delicate splashes of color, recollections of a millennial past and a peaceful charm, shattered only by the shrill cry of seagulls, are just some of the magical qualities of this mythical isle.
  • We’ll provide you a private journey in one of the most beautiful corners of Italy, bringing you to enjoy the amazing views overlooking the Amalfi Coast and Capri Island from Positano’ hills.
  • After a walk thought the famous “Piazzetta”, our luxury yacht will give you the opportunity to swim next to the faraglioni and a private boat will brings you to the famous Blue Grotto.

Our proposal includes services at five stars cared in each detail

WHERE Amalfi Coast
LENGHT On request
WHEN From May to September 2016
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  • Surrounded by the crystal blue water of the Adriatic sea, we’ll cruise to Hvar, the new in retreat for discerning island lovers.
  • We will bring you in a new dimension of relaxing atmosphere of the Adriatic through stunning landscapes, picturesque villages and gorgeous beaches.
  • We’ll let you immerge in the historic and natural wonders of Croatia, from atmospheric roman ruins to the fabulous renaissance palaces.

Our proposal includes services at five stars cared in each detail

WHERE Croatia
LENGHT On request
WHEN From June to September 2016
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Venice and Verona Romantic Tour
  • Share words of passion with your loved one in the most romantic cities in the world!
  • We’ll let you enjoy the hidden wonders of Venice and Verona, listening to a serenade while on board a Gondola in the Venetian canals with the best views of the city and visiting the house of Juliet in Verona,  looking at her balcony you will be filled with emotions and fall in love with your sweet hear again and again.
  • Led by our expert art and archaeological historians, you’ll discover various surviving villas and palaces designed by Andrea Palladio (1508–80), the world’s most influential architect.

WHERE Veneto, Italy
LENGHT On request
WHEN All year round
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Luxury ski holidays
  • Our Luxury chalets have been carefully selected from the finest location, famed for its tough ski runs and trendy après ski, in Italy, Switzerland and Austria.
  • The ambience is one of charm and sophistication that also attracts some of the world’s best skiers, celebrities and royalty from all over Europe.
  • Our glamorous guests will fly into the resort on private jets, to be pampered in luxurious chalet, feast in Michelin-starred restaurants and make the occasional foray onto the slopes.

WHERE Italy, Switzerland, Austria
LENGHT On request
WHEN Winter season
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